TEAM-TETSUJIN - Track KERBS System "Straight" 50pcs (RED & WHITE Half) Made in Japan - SISTEMA DI CORDOLI PER PISTA




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TEAM-TETSUJIN - Track KERBS System "Straight" 50pcs (RED & WHITE Half) Made in Japan - SISTEMA DI CORDOLI PER PISTA

Track KERBS System "Straight" : length 150mm x width 100mm
25pcs - RED
25pcs -WHITE

Overall Quality
This curbing is superior and is made out of high quality plastic and will not throw your drift completely out of balance.
This product is the best tracking marking material we have ever seen, and is made for easy handling of your rides.
Even after using these Kerbs for a week they have held up amazingly well, tire marks occur which adds to the realism!
If you don’t like tire marks you can always rub them off with a damp towel. It is recommended to buy the power tape from Team Tetsujin to hold the Kerbs down to the floor.

Product Review
Team Tetsujin has been providing high quality plastic products to the Japanese market for a long time.
The time and attention to detail is shown in the overall quality of their products.
There were absolutely no burrs or blemishes on the curbbing, everything was as you would expect for a realistic looking curb. We have tried many different track materials in the past including cardboard, plastic blinds, styrene.
This is by far the best material you could ever use to create a realistic looking track.
The Tetsujin Kerbs come in a variety of shapes to accomodate twists and turns in the track.
So depending on your track layout you will need to reference the Tetsujin Kerbs Chart below to determine how many is required for your application.

Overall Value
Ever since we saw the first pictures of the Kerbs we have been waiting for the day we would have some to try for ourselves.
These practice Kerbs are excellent for RC drifting, it provides a distinct circle to practice around.

So if you’re in the market for RC track material, be sure to consider the Team Tetsujin Kerb System.
These curbs will give you that extra feeling of real 1:10 drifting, we challenge you to find something that even comes close to these.
With a true solution for RC tracks we finally can build RC tracks right, and these will not ruin your drift as you run up onto them.

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